• Ed Markey for MA | TV Ad: Keep Standing Up

    Ed Markey will keep fighting to keep guns off our streets. More »

  • Canvassing Launch Weekend – March 9-10

    More than 700 volunteers knocked on 15,000+ doors on March 9th and 10th to talk to voters about Ed Markey’s passion for the issues. Join us! Sign up at More »

  • Why We’re With Ed

    From “being on the right side of every issue” to “having a demonstrated issue of being a leader,” hear what your neighbors are saying about Ed. More »

  • Ed Kicks off His Race for U.S. Senate

    This campaign is about you. It is about your hopes. It is about your dreams. It is about your families. The challenges facing us are great, but the opportunities in front of us are enormous as well. I am proud to begin my campaign in my home town of Malden. My name is Ed Markey and I am running for the United States Senate. I am running for the United States Senate to put the American dream within the reach of all residents from Pittsfield to Provincetown, from Newburyport to New Bedford, I am running to move President Obama’s agenda forward here and in the United States of America. More »