Ed: This campaign is about you. It is about your hopes. It is about your dreams. It is about your families. The challenges facing us are great, but the opportunities in front of us are enormous as well. I am proud to begin my campaign in my home town of Malden. My name is Ed Markey and I am running for the United States Senate. I am running for the United States Senate to put the American dream within the reach of all residents from Pittsfield to Provincetown, from Newburyport to New Bedford, I am running to move President Obama’s agenda forward here and in the United States of America.

Woman: He’s very forward thinking. I can tell he’s very smart. He’s very passionate about this area.

Man: Independent of who else is running I think he is right on and speaks well to what Massachusetts stands for. So, he’s the right guy.

Man: He’s been extraordinarily effective as a Congressman and I think we’re gonna need that both as a country and a state, as someone who can really step up and make a difference.

Ed: I welcome the opportunity during this campaign to talk about the issues that matter most to the people of Massachusetts. I am fighting to protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. I am standing up for a woman’s right to choose. I am fighting to beat back the NRA and ban these deadly weapons.