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For the Second Week in a Row, Ed Markey Campaign Sees Caucus Victories Across the State

Momentum From Second Debate Continues

NEWTON—This weekend and earlier this week, and for the second caucus weekend in a row, the Ed Markey for U.S. Senate campaign reported big wins at caucus locations in all corners of the state, from Reading to Brockton, from Amesbury to Natick, and Boston to Lenox.

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Kennedy, Markey neck-and-neck in Massachusetts primary: poll

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) are neck-and-neck in the Bay State’s Democratic Senate primary, according to the latest polling of the race.

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Legislators ask federal regulators to inspect compressor site

U.S. Sens. Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch sent a letter Friday to Neil Chatterjee, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee, asking that he send inspectors to the compressor site due to concerns from residents and local officials that construction crews are not following the approved plans.

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The Joe Kennedy-Ed Markey Senate Debate Was Among the Most Desultory Political Events in Memory

Markey has been an outspoken progressive on just about every issue that comes to mind. He was out ahead of most of his colleagues on climate, and he was wrestling with the issues around new communications technology when many of his fellow senators were trying to figure out how to turn on a VCR. And, because he lost his mother to the disease, Markey has been a bulldog in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. (I’ve also got a personal dog in that fight.)

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Ed Markey, Joe Kennedy face off in first televised debate in run for U.S. Senate

Kennedy said Congress has failed to pass meaningful gun legislation in decades, an issue he said he would lead on. Markey responded saying he secured $25 million in federal funds toward gun violence research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first time he said that funding has been directed to the CDC for gun violence research since 1996. “On the biggest issues of today, the biggest challenges of today I’ve been leading,” Markey said. “The gun lobby – I beat them.”

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In Their First Debate, Markey Touts His Record While Kennedy Calls For New Leadership

Markey used much of the hour-long debate to highlight his longstanding support for progressive causes, repeatedly mentioning his co-sponsorship of the Green New Deal, and pointing to his authorship of legislation to fund gun violence research and to protect the environment by doubling the fuel-economy standards.

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Photo Credit: Meredith Nierman/WGBH

Markey Edges Kennedy In Their First Debate. But Will Youth And Glamour Win Out Over Age And Experience?

Markey touted his policy initiatives on gun control, climate change and — somewhat unexpectedly — Alzheimer’s disease. Kennedy agreed with Markey on virtually everything, but asserted that more vigorous leadership was needed to stand up to President Donald Trump and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. “I have led and delivered for the people of Massachusetts,” Markey said, summing up his campaign during the closing moments of the hour-long debate, sponsored by WGBH News.

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Criticism follows ICE plan to send teams to ‘sanctuary cities’

In a letter to the Trump administration, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey demanded that federal officials scrap the plans, calling them “unnecessary, unwelcome and dangerous.” “The specter of heavily armed, military-like personnel in our cities will accomplish one thing: provoke fear,” the two Democrats wrote. “The real explanation for this deployment appears to be that President Trump and his administration are attempting to punish American cities that reject his misguided immigration policies.”

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Markey vs. Kennedy in debate: Earnest, with a bit of spark

For his part, Markey used his time to tout his progressive props in legislative affairs over the course of his 44 years in Congress (and two terms in the Massachusetts House before that). For virtually every question posed by the moderators – on economic disparity and racist repression, on housing, on healthcare, especially Alzheimer’s research, on transportation, on immigration, on the environment (he cited his co-sponsorship of The Green New Deal with US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), on gun control, on Iraq, on Afghanistan, on money in politics, on rent control, on student debt, on Trumpian dystopia, even on the disputed placement of a gas compressor in Weymouth – Markey pointed out how in one way or another, his legislative efforts played a role in the political give and take, often successfully for his cause and his constituents.

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Lack Of Bridge Funding In Pending Federal Budget Raises Concerns

Federal legislators and Bourne officials have expressed concern about a lack of funding for replacement of the Bourne and/or Sagamore bridges in the Trump administration’s proposed federal budget for Fiscal Year 2021. The lack of funding was outlined in a letter from US Senators Elizabeth A. Warren and Edward J. Markey and US Representative William R. Keating to Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Rickey (R.D.) James, assistant secretary of the Army for Civil Works.

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Markey, Kennedy Clash In High-Profile Senate Debate

“On the big issues of today, the challenges of today, I’ve been leading not just with legislation that passes, but protects the people in Massachusetts and the whole country,” Markey said.

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Markey to bring his re-election campaign against Kennedy to Attleboro next month

U.S. Sen Ed Markey will bring his re-election campaign into the heart of the home district of his opponent, Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, when the senator attends a March 28 Democratic Party event in Attleboro.

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Markey is a movement leader; Kennedy fails the Mudd test

Indeed, it was a telling moment when, asked why he should keep his seat, Markey had so much substantive ammunition — new proposals, bills authored and passed — that Jim Braude had to cut him off. He was, after all, just answering the question.

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Statement from Markey Campaign Manager John Walsh on Debate Night Victory

“Tonight, Senator Markey made clear why he is the best choice in the Senate race and needs to be re-elected: He is a true progressive leader, providing national leadership and delivering for Massachusetts families on the issues that matter most to them.

“We heard Ed share how his mother’s death from Alzheimer’s disease fueled his mission to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s by 2025.

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Photo Credit: Photos courtesy of the Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Joe Kennedy III campaigns/Illustration by Kaitlyn Locke/WGBH News

Markey And Kennedy To Debate For First Time In Heated Campaign

Building on his support from environmentalists, which include progressive champion New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 350 Mass Action and the youth-oriented Sunrise Movement, Markey challenged his opponents to a climate-focused debate minutes after Kennedy declared his candidacy. But Kennedy declined to appear.

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Progressive Democrats of America Endorses Ed Markey for United States Senate

NEWTON – The Progressive Democrats of America today announced its endorsement of Ed Markey for re-election to the United States Senate. This national endorsement comes alongside the endorsement of the group’s Massachusetts chapter.

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Markey edges Kennedy in first weekend of Dem caucuses

Ahead of their first televised debate this week, incumbent U.S. Sen. Ed Markey won bragging rights over Democratic primary challenger Congressman Joe Kennedy III in the opening weekend of caucuses to elect delegates for the state party convention.

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Public access stations face funding cuts, and an uncertain future

At the federal level, Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey and California Rep. Anna Eshoo filed a bill in January that would prevent in-kind contributions from being considered as part of the franchise fee that comes from cable companies.

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Ed Markey Campaign Sees Strong Turnout and Wins Across the State For Caucus Day Launch

NEWTON—The Ed Markey for U.S. Senate campaign today reported strong support at a range of caucus locations across the state, from the Senator’s hometown of Malden, to Sunderland, to Belmont and Yarmouth—and beyond.

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Senator Markey, Mayor Walsh React To Border Agents Coming To Boston

Senator Ed Markey has called President Trump’s plan to send Border Patrol agents into U.S. sanctuary cities “another racist action by Donald Trump.”

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UNITE HERE Local 26 Endorses Ed Markey for United States Senate

Thousands of Union Supporters Plan Major 2020 Organizing Effort

NEWTON – In a significant union development, UNITE HERE Local 26 today announced its endorsement of Ed Markey for re-election to the United States Senate.

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Photo Credit: Samuel Corum / Getty Images

Ed Markey hones his Green New Deal pitch ahead of first Senate primary debate

Sen. Ed Markey didn’t have to do much convincing Thursday night in Somerville. Just over a year since the Massachusetts senator and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced their Green New Deal resolution, Markey spoke about the ever-pressing need to take “transformative” action to address climate change in front of a friendly audience of 700 at Somerville High School. And the feeling was mutual; after local elected officials spoke about the ongoing clean energy and sustainability efforts in the predominantly liberal city, Markey joked that Somerville was “becoming a second Green Monster.”

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Markey hosts Somerville town hall on Green New Deal

Sen. Ed Markey packed the Somerville High auditorium for a town hall on his Green New Deal. Every seat was filled, and the excitement was palpable. In a packed room, the silence gave way only to clapping and shouts of approval.

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Federal grant to increase rural high-speed internet access in western Massachusetts

Massachusetts senators and representatives announced $10 million in funding to increase rural high-speed internet access in western Massachusetts on Friday. Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, along with representatives Richard Neal and James McGovern, announced the release of $10.2 million in federal funding specifically for western Massachusetts.

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Senators introduce bill to disclose federal gun records, tracing data

Joining Durbin and Menendez in cosponsoring the Senate bill are Senators Cory Booker, Richard Blumenthal, Ed Markey, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Chris Murphy.

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Sen. Markey Wants Enforcement of TRACED ACT & Prevention & Prosecution of Illegal Robocalls

U.S. Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.), chair of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet, and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), author of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, last week urged U.S. Attorney General William Barr to swiftly convene the interagency working group as required by their TRACED Act.

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Dot Chéry Sen. Markey’s guest at State of Union address

Clementina “Tina” Chéry of Dorchester, who founded the Dorchester-based Louis D. Brown Peace Institute in 1994 after the murder of her fifteen-year-old son Louis, attended the State of the Union Address in the capitol this week at the invitation of US Sen. Edward Markey.

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Photo Credit: Everett Independent

Senator Markey Visits Everett

Sen. Ed Markey and Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien joined families in Everett on Sunday at the Haitian Church on Revere Beach Parkway on Sunday. Sen. Markey is preparing to run for re-election this year, and is facing Congressman Joe Kennedy in the Democratic Primary.

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Photo Credit: Associated Press

Sen. Edward Markey says he’ll vote to remove Trump

U.S. Sen. Edward Markey said he’s planning to vote to remove President Donald Trump from office based on two impeachment charges.

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Lawmakers Push Airlines To Reduce Airplane Noise Around Logan Airport

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