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Markey the ONLY Candidate In Mass. Senate Race To Support Obamacare

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Contact: Andrew Zucker: 617-398-0428; Giselle Barry: 781-960-5338

Markey Pressing Lynch On Opposition To Affordable Care Act the Pivotal Moment During Tonight’s Debate 

Needham, Massachusetts – Speaking directly to the people of the Commonwealth, Ed Markey tonight discussed his record of fighting for Massachusetts and getting real results. He spoke about standing up to powerful special interests like Wall Street and the gun lobby. He defended his 100 percent pro-choice stance. And in the evening’s most memorable exchange, Markey told Stephen Lynch that he was wrong for voting with every Congressional Republican against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Here’s Ed confronting Stephen during tonight’s debate:

MARKEY: Yes. The vote for President Obama’s Healthcare Bill was the proudest vote of my career. It ensured that if a person has a preexisting condition that they cannot be denied health insurance, that every child in America would have healthcare. That if a person in the family became ill, that that family did not become bankrupt. This was a critically important, historic bill that Ted Kennedy had been fighting for a generation. Every Republican in the House of Representatives voted no on that bill. Every Republican running for the Senate of Massachusetts this year are saying they would kill Obama Care.

Steve, when that vote came up, you were wrong when you were needed most on that bill. That was the only option we had to support President Obama and to put that bill on the books.”

“While Stephen Lynch spoke generally about his political philosophy, Ed Markey was specific tonight about how he’s stood up to powerful special interests, defended the right to choose and championed quality affordable health care for all,” said Markey campaign spokesman Andrew Zucker. “During the evening’s most memorable exchange, Ed Markey told Stephen Lynch what so many across the Commonwealth have thought quietly since 2010 – that he was wrong for voting with every Congressional Republican against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Ed Markey is the only candidate in this race who supported Obamacare, and his leadership in passing historic health care reform makes him the clear choice in this election.”


Stephen Lynch voted with congressional Republicans against the Affordable Care Act. [Huffington Post, 5/22/10]

-Lynch Was Joined By Only 33 Other Democrats, Most Members Of The Conservative “Blue Dog” Coalition.  24 out of the 33 Democrats (other than Lynch) who voted against health reform were from the conservative “Blue Dog” Coalition. See below for the list. [Huffington Post, 5/22/10;, 2/5/10]

-“House passes health-care reform bill without Republican votes.” “House Democrats scored a historic victory in the century-long battle to reform the nation’s health-care system late Sunday night, winning final approval of legislation that expands coverage to 32 million people and attempts to contain spiraling costs. The House voted 219 to 212 to approve the measure, with every Republican voting no.” [Washington Post, 3/21/10]

Stephen Lynch was the only member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation to vote against the Affordable Care Act. [Huffington Post, 5/22/10]

-Lynch Was The Only MA Congressman To Vote Against The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act. In March 2010, Lynch was the only member of the Massachusetts delegation and one of only 34 House Democrats who voted against the motion to concur in the Senate amendment to the bill that would overhaul the nation’s health insurance system and require most individuals to buy health insurance by 2014. It would create a system of national private insurance plans supervised by the Office of Personnel Management and create state-run marketplaces for purchasing health insurance. Those who do not obtain coverage would be subject to an excise tax. Excluded from the mandate would be those exempt from filing income tax and others with a hardship waiver, religious objection or those who cannot afford coverage. Employers with more than 50 workers would have to provide coverage or pay a fine if any employee gets a subsidized plan on the exchange. Certain small businesses would get tax credits for providing coverage, and those with low incomes, excluding illegal immigrants, could get subsidies. It would bar the use of federal funds to pay for abortions in the new programs, except in the cases of rape or incest or if the woman’s life is in danger. Insurance companies could not deny coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions beginning in 2014, and could not drop coverage of people who become ill. It would expand eligibility for Medicaid, shrink the coverage gap under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program and create an advisory board to reduce the per capita growth rate in Medicare spending. [Vote 165, 3/21/2010;]