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MARKEY CLEAR WINNER: Lynch Can’t Run From Opposition To Affordable Care Act, A Woman’s Right To Choose


Contact: Andrew Zucker: 617-398-0428; Giselle Barry: 781-960-5338

Lynch Voted With Every House Republican Against Affordable Care Act, But Voted For Stupak Amendment & Abortion Ban In Military Hospitals

Charlestown, Massachusetts – For the second consecutive debate, voters across the Commonwealth have seen that Stephen Lynch can’t run from his record of opposing the Affordable Care Act and a woman’s right to choose.

Here’s how Ed Markey put it during the debate, tonight:

MARKEY: Well the only option when we were voting was an option to vote for that bill that ensures that every child had healthcare. To make sure that being a women was no longer a preexisting condition. To make sure that there was prescription drug benefits for senior citizens in our country. Every single Republican voted no on that bill. Steve voted no on that bill. And I just don’t think he should be able to run away from his record on this because that is how he voted on that issue, and President Obama, Ted Kennedy, our whole delegation, that is the bill that we wanted, and that was not the bill that Steve was willing to vote for. 

Stephen Lynch voted with every single Republican in the House of Representativesagainst the Affordable Care Act.

Just three years ago he voted with the most conservative Tea Party Republicans for the extreme anti-choice Stupak amendment that allowed employers and providers to deny abortion coverage to women.

And Lynch voted with conservative Republicans for a ban on women in the military having abortions in military hospitals overseas, despite the fact women’s groups and military officials opposed the policy. Not a single Democratic woman serving in Congress supported the ban that “humiliates servicewomen,” but Stephen Lynch went to the mat defending it tonight.

“While Ed Markey passionately defended a woman’s right to choose and the Affordable Care Act during tonight’s debate, Stephen Lynch doubled down on his opposition to historic healthcare reform and consistent record of voting for dangerous anti-choice policies,” said Markey campaign spokesman Andrew Zucker. ” It was evident tonight that, no matter how hard he tries, Stephen Lynch can’t run from his opposition to historic healthcare reform, support for the extreme anti-choice Stupak Amendment or outrageous defense of a policy that bans women serving in the military from having abortions in military hospitals.”


Lynch Supported Stupak Amendment to Bar Federal Funds in Health Care Bill to Pay for any Abortion Services. In 2009, Lynch supported Congressman Bart Stupak’s (D-MI) amendment to the Affordable Health Care for America Act that banned federal funds authorized in the bill from being used to pay for an abortion or to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that included abortion coverage.  This excluded elective abortion coverage from the public option and an individual using a subsidy to purchase a private plan cannot purchase one that covers elective abortion.  Insurers would be allowed to cover abortions that result from rape or incest or when a pregnancy threatens a mother’s life. An individual with a subsidized policy from the bill would have to purchase coverage for elective abortion separately with their own money.  The amendment passed 240-194.  [CQToday, 11/07/09; HR3962, Vote884, 11/07/09]

Lynch Was The Only Member of the MA Delegation To Vote Against Allowing Military Facilities Overseas To Perform Privately Funded Abortions. In May 2003, Lynch was the only member of the MA delegation who voted against H R 1588, Loretta Sanchez of California Amendment that would allow U.S. military facilities located abroad to perform abortions as long as they are privately funded. [Vote 215, 5/22/

Lynch Voted Against Historic Health Care Insurance Reform. In 2010, Lynch voted against historic health care insurance reform that would require most individuals to buy health insurance, create a system of national private insurance plans, give tax credits to some small businesses for providing coverage, and ban the practice of denying coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions. The New York Times wrote that the “uninsured are clearly the biggest beneficiaries of the legislation, which would extend the health care safety net for the lowest-income Americans.” The legislation was meant to provide coverage for as many as 32 million either deemed too sick to participate in the market or who could not afford insurance premiums.  In addition to prohibiting many plans from placing lifetime limits on medical coverage, plans could not cancel the policies of people who fall ill or denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. Dependent children up to age 26 would be eligible for coverage under their parents’ plan. The conference report passed the House, 219-212. [New York Times, 3/21/10; HR 3590, Vote165, 3/21/10]

No Democratic Women Voted With Lynch To Uphold Ban On Access To Abortion Care For Servicemembers.  Not a single Democratic woman voted with Lynch when he voted to block access to care form women serving overseas in our nation’s military. [HR5122, Vote 136, 5/10/06]


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