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Boston Globe Endorses Ed Markey For Senate, Says He Has “Delivered More For The People of Massachusetts”


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Charlestown, Massachusetts – The Boston Globe endorsed Rep. Ed Markey for Senate today, calling him the “best choice” in this election, and noting he has “delivered more for the people of Massachusetts; the achievement gap between Markey and Lynch is vast.”

The Globe praises Ed Markey’s efforts to fight for the people of Massachusetts on issues such as crafting telecommunications policy “guiding the creation of millions of jobs,” global climate change and increasing vehicle fuel efficiency standards:

“Ed Markey has delivered more for the people of Massachusetts; the achievement gap between Markey and Lynch is vast.

“Markey has been the House’s main architect of federal telecommunications policy, guiding the creation of millions of jobs — including many in Massachusetts. He’s also a leader in energy policy, and the prime mover of the far-reaching bill to address climate change that passed the House in 2009 but got bottled up in the Senate. He helped create the legislation that enabled President Obama to negotiate a 54.5 mpg fuel-economy standard for the 2025 model year — one of the greatest accomplishments of Obama’s first term. The list goes on and on.”

The Globe notes Markey’s leadership on core Democratic issues such as protecting a woman’s right to choose and ending gun violence:

“Markey hasn’t lost his connection to the values of Massachusetts Democrats. On some values issues, such as abortion rights and gun control, he’s been a more forceful advocate than his rival.”

The Globe also lauds Markey’s support for the historic healthcare reform law:

“[O]pportunities to reform health care come along every two decades or so, and passing one up would have been disastrous.”

Noting Markey’s consistent leadership on issues such as forcing screening of air cargo after 9/11, the Globe calls him the “best choice” in this election:

“[I]n 2007, Markey could have been anywhere else in Washington — or Massachusetts, for that matter — than the floor of the House, intoning about cargo screening. But the opposition finally relented: Markey’s bill became law. On cargo screening and dozens of other issues, Markey’s legislative exertions have paid off for America and Massachusetts. He is the best choice for Bay State Democrats.”

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