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Bachmann’s Back: Markey Campaign Statement On New Negative Ad Campaign Against Ed Launched By Tea Party Group With Michele Bachmann Ties

Charlestown, Massachusetts – Markey campaign spokesman Andrew Zucker released the following statement today as a newly created Tea Party group with ties to Michele Bachmann launches a new negative ad campaign against Ed Markey:

“As Gabriel Gomez scrambles to distract voters from his strong support for the national Republican agenda to block commonsense gun laws, protect tax breaks for millionaires, raise the retirement age for seniors and end a woman’s right to choose, in steps a secretly-funded Tea Party group with ties to Michele Bachmann launching a negative attack ad against Ed Markey. Team Bachmann’s decision to spend six figures boosting Gabriel Gomez tells the people of Massachusetts everything they need to know about the kind of Senator Gomez would be: another Republican who would join Mitch McConnell in obstructing President Obama’s agenda and enacting a radical right-wing agenda that’s bad for Massachusetts families.”


Nancy Watkins Was Listed As Treasurer Of “Bachmann For President” [FEC, accessed 6/12/13; Statement of Organization]

Nancy Watkins Treasurer Of “Americans for Progressive Action” [FEC, accessed 6/12/13; Statement of Organization]


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