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STEP 1: Click or tap on your favorite header image above. Then, you’ll be taken to ActBlue to login or create an account.

STEP 2: Add your share code! Create a personalized URL for your page, like “GreenNewDeal,” “TeamMalden,” or “FreeThrowChamp.”

STEP 3: Give your page a custom title, and then in the Form Ask box, share why you’re all in for Ed and why your friends and family should be too!

STEP 4: Click Get Started to launch your page! Then, all that’s left to do is spread it far and wide. Copy your page’s URL and share it with your friends, family and all across social media to ask the people in your life to chip in. You can also customize your page with your own graphics, goals, and thank you message.


If you’ve already made a page, log in here.


  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Click the Stats tab in the upper-left part of your page to look at how much you’ve raised. To see which of your friends has donated using your page, and how much, click the Additional tools drop-down and then click View detailed contribution list.
  • GOAL THERMOMETER: Click the Edit button, and then click Goal thermometer to set a goal and display on your page how close you are to hitting it. Setting a goal and asking others to help you reach it is a great way for everyone involved to stay motivated!
  • MAKE A HARD ASK… that is specific, clear, and direct when asking your friends to chip in using your page,
  • BUT BE SENSITIVE: Not everyone is in a position right now to pitch in, and that is okay! The most important thing is that we are all staying safe, healthy, and managing the stress of a global pandemic as best we can. Even if someone might not be able to donate, check in on them anyway to see how they’re doing.
  • FRIENDLY COMPETITION NEVER HURTS: See who among you and your friends can raise the most before the next monthly or quarterly fundraising deadline!

PERSONAL FUNDRAISING TIPS: Think critically about the types of people in your life and the channels you can share your page with. Make an appeal to your followers on social media. Show off your fancy new page to your politically-minded friends by texting or emailing it to them. Individual asks are often more impactful than asking a group, so make sure to do some personal outreach to people you know. If you have a friend in another part of the country who supports Ed, but can’t vote for him, asking them to pitch in a few bucks using your page is a great way for them to support Ed — and you. And at the end, remember to say thank you!

If you wish to make an offline donation, please mail a check to:

The Markey Committee
PO Box 120029
Boston, MA 02112

Click here to contact the campaign with any questions or comments.