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Black and Native women are approximately three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related issues than white women, in large part due to the despicable racial bias endemic in the U.S. health care system. That is unconscionable, and Ed is fighting tooth and nail to end this dangerous manifestation of racial injustice and provide quality health care for all. That is why Senator Markey supported the Mothers and Offspring Mortality and Morbidity Awareness Act (MOMMAS) and the Maternal Care Access and Reducing Emergencies Act (Maternal CARE Act), which would provide grants for implicit bias training for obstetricians and gynecologists and for pregnancy medical homes.

Families across the United States face a childcare crisis, but African American families are especially hard hit by the rising cost of child care and limited options for working families. Today, three in four African American children under age 6 have all residential parents in the workforce. That’s why Ed supports Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act, which would provide free or affordable, high-quality child care and early learning options to every American. Senator Markey also supports Senator Patty Murray’s Child Care for Working Families Act, which would provide free childcare to families under 75 percent of the state median income, and ensure no family under 150 percent of the state median income pays more than seven percent of their income on child care.

Police are seven times more likely to use force against black individuals than against people of other races. Following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the many other Black lives at the hands of law enforcement, Ed introduced a resolution to abolish qualified immunity, a judge-made doctrine that protects law enforcement officers from being sued in their personal capacity and being held personally liable for their abuses. For decades, law enforcement has relied on qualified immunity to shield officers from accountability for instances of police brutality and excessive force. Ed knows that it is time to hold our law enforcement accountable.

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