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WBUR: Sen. Ed Markey Talks Nuclear Weapons, Voter Fraud

Sen. Ed Markey, U.S. senator from Massachusetts. He tweets @senmarkey.

On President Trump’s executive orders overall

“I think that obviously he’s fulfilling his campaign pledges but to what effect? He’s gonna build a border wall, detain families and children at our border and turn back asylum seekers.

“What he’s also gonna do is trigger a whole spate of raids, mass deportations, fear and terror within our immigrant communities. I don’t think these policies are going to make America great or safer, they will isolate us and undermine our standing in the world. I think there’s a part of Lady Liberty right now that is shedding a tear at Donald Trump’s executive actions.

“Obviously, we support a policy of deporting those who have engaged in criminal activities. The problem with what the president just said is that he didn’t say what he’s going to do with young people, for example, who were brought here as children, as infants, who have gone through our school system in Massachusetts, who are honors graduate of our universities. But who now, are wondering, are they about to be deported? Are people about to knock on their door?”