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Mass Live: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Sen. Ed Markey speak out against President Trump’s immigration order at Boston rally

Sen. Ed Markey said that today is “one of the darkest days in the history of the United States of America” in front of a crowd of thousands as they rallied against Donald Trump’s executive order that banned people from predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

“Donald Trump’s executive order is not about extreme vetting, it’s about extreme xenophobia,” Markey said.

He called it a “keep out” sign at America’s borders.

Markey was one of a handful of local lawmakers who spoke at the rally on Sunday, showing support for immigrants and refugees.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called discrimination against specific religions unconstitutional.

“It’s not who we are as Americans,” Walsh shouted.

The mayor asked the crowd to turn to those next to them and tell them they loved them for who they are.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren also decried the order, saying that some of the immigrants Trump was trying to shut out were coming here legally.

“We will not stop fighting until this executive order is tossed in the dust bin of history,” she shouted, as the crowd erupted in cheers.