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WBZ TV: Senator Markey Hits the Mark

BOSTON (CBS) – At a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs luncheon on Friday, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey was right on target. Consider these shots:

His recommendation on the purchase of guns: “If you are on the no fly list, you should be on the no buy list.”

In response to Donald Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, Markey’s answer: “Make America Safe Again.”

A comment on the National Rifle Association: “If we are going to get tough on guns, we need to get tough on the NRA.”

On the coming political conventions: “The Republicans go first and Donald Trump can unify the Democrats.” His actions speak louder than words.

On ISIS: “The challenge is to find a diplomatic solution for all of us.”

Is the senator still interested in getting checked bags free on U.S. domestic airlines this summer to shorten TSA airport screening? “Things haven’t changed yet, but we need to keep the pressure on.”