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Mass Live: US Sen. Ed Markey, other Democrats call for funding CDC research on gun violence

SPRINGFIELD ‒ U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., joined a handful of Senate Democrats and others Thursday to urge congressional leaders to support funding federal research on the causes of gun violence and ways to prevent it.

Markey, who has been pushing Congress to appropriate funds to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study the issue, contended during a late-morning Capitol Hill news conference that the United States can’t stop what he called a “wave of gun violence,” unless it better understands it.

“Let’s give the medical, scientific and public-health community the resources they need and fund research at the CDC to help end the gun violence scourge,” the Massachusetts senator said.

According to Markey’s office, a 1996 Republican-sponsored appropriations rider barred federal funds from being used to advocate or promote gun control – something the senator said some have misconstrued as a ban on funding scientific research into gun violence causes.

While President Barack Obama lifted the ban in 2013, no money has been appropriated in the federal budget to conduct such research at the CDC, the senator’s office said.