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Huffington Post: Refueling America’s Research

When is the last time basic science research touched your life? If you’re using a cellphone or the Internet, drinking clean water, using public transportation, or receiving medical care, for example, then the answer is “right now”!

Wherever you look, from health care to consumer goods, wireless communication to transportation, food to national security, we are surrounded by and dependent upon innovations made possible by basic research. These incredible innovations arise from a pool of core scientific discoveries that are overwhelmingly funded by federal research grants.

Despite this success, federal research dollars are in steep decline. This is why I wrote a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee in support of both the president’s National Science Foundation budget request of $7.7 billion and the distribution of funds in a balanced research and education portfolio. Twenty-two other senators joined me in sending the letter, because they also understand the vital importance of research.

Unfortunately, not everyone on Capitol Hill agrees with us.