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MetroWest Daily News: Re-elect Sen. Ed Markey

After a productive 37 years in the House, Ed Markey doesn’t have much to show for his first year in the Senate. Then again, the 113th Congress, one of the least productive in history, hasn’t much to show either. Markey went from the futility of serving in a Republican-controlled House to the paralysis of the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Markey is an experienced and persistent legislator, credited with getting more than 500 bills enacted into law – eighth most among current senators, according to a National Journal tally. He served in the House with 52 of what are now his fellow senators, and is constantly looking for partners of both parties to enlist in joint initiatives. But even small bipartisan compromises reached in committee have been thwarted by political gridlock in the 15 months since he was elected to complete the Senate term of now-Secretary of State John Kerry.