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Happy Father’s Day

This summer marks 14 years since the passing of my father. He grew up in the shadow of the mills in Lawrence, graduated from Lawrence Vocational High School, and got a job with the Hood milk company.

He worked for Hood for 30 years, hauling milk up and down three flights of stairs. It didn’t matter whether it was 90 degrees and sunny or 10 degrees below and snowing — my father went to work to support our family.

Hood was very good to my father, but he never had the chance to further his education. Instead, he worked and sacrificed for decades so that I could become the first member of my family to go to college.

He’s been gone for 14 years, but if my father were here today, I hope he’d see that I’ve always tried to live up to the values he instilled in all of his children — hard work, living up to your word, always fighting for your dreams.

My father is gone, but he is not forgotten. Today, I hope we can all take the time to remember the parents who made a difference in our lives.