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The Massachusetts Daily Collegian – Ed Markey for US Senate

I know. It is April 2013, only three months after the second inauguration of President Obama, so why are we talking about politics? Well, the first and most important lesson of politics is that it never ends, and in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have had a particularly eventful 2013. Senator Warren was sworn in early in January, and shortly thereafter Senator Kerry resigned to become Secretary of State, which is the position he presently holds. Governor Deval Patrick appointed Mo Cowan to serve as senator until a special election is held to fill Kerry’s seat. So in only 29 days the Democratic and Republican primaries will be held, with Representatives Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch vying for the nomination from the Democrats. On Tuesday, April 30, while all of us (hopefully still registered) University of Massachusetts students will be on campus, remember to go out and vote for Ed Markey for the Democratic nomination.