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The Barnstable Patriot Column: Ed Markey in Democratic Primary

On April 30 voters will choose Democratic and Republican candidates to run in a special election to replace Sen. John Kerry. On the Democratic ballot, the best and most experienced choice is U.S. Representative Edward Markey over fellow Congressman Stephen Lynch.

While both have served in Congress for many years (12 for Lynch and 37 for Markey), it is Ed Markey who has proven that he can get things done, and more importantly, best represents the values of Massachusetts voters.

On issue after issue, Markey has taken the lead, often working in a non-partisan manner, to pass legislation that has been good for Massachusetts families and businesses. Markey was the House’s main architect of the federal telecommunications legislation that led to the creation of many thousands of new jobs. He has also been the leader on energy policy, and the key mover on legislation to fight climate change and increase automobile fuel efficiency standards.

On women’s issues, especially the protection of a women’s right to choose, Ed Markey has a much stronger record than Congressman Lynch. Markey, unlike Lynch, truly is Pro-Choice. Also important to consider is that Lynch was the only member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation to vote against Obamacare.

While Congressman Lynch has received good marks for constituent services, he is not known for any particular area of expertise, and has not authored a single piece of significant legislation.

Based on his record of achievement and position on the issues important to Massachusetts voters, Ed Markey would be a strong and respected Senator right from day one, and he would be another heavyweight presence joining Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate.