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Swampscott Reporter – Congressman Markey seeks North Shore votes

Congressman Ed Markey, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, spoke at the Lynn Democratic City Committee caucus on Saturday, Feb. 16. Citing his leadership on environmental issues, his support of women’s issues, and his success in building the North Shore economy, Markey asked for their support in his Senate bid. Markey said that it is important to take action now because “the planet has a fever and there is no emergency room for planets.” His work to reduce greenhouse gases can both address climate change and create green jobs.

The Congressman said that he supported extending the Blue Line to Lynn. He expressed concern about sequestering, describing it as “cut and slash.” If it is allowed to happen, our military defense will be affected, as well as cuts to vital human services such as funds to treat individuals with Alzheimer’s as well as conduct the research to eventually eliminate Alzheimer’s.

Anita Farber-Robertson, the Lynn Neighborhood Team Leader for the Markey campaign, and a group of Swampscott and Lynn volunteers, collected signatures to get Markey’s name on the Democratic primary ballot. Each candidate needs 10,000 signatures of registered voters to be on the ballot for the April primary. Farber-Robertson said she supported Markey because he would help President Obama get his agenda through Congress.

“Congressman Markey is on track with human centered values,” she said. “With his history of working in a bi-partisan manner and his partnership with Senator Warren, he can get things done in Washington.”