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Daily Kos — Daily Kos endorses Ed Markey in the race to replace John Kerry

When it comes to filling the Senate seat recently vacated by John Kerry, Democrats have as clear a choice as it gets. And for progressives, there’s only one option: Rep. Ed Markey.

This would be the case even if his opponent wasn’t Rep. Stephen Lynch, who likes to call himself a “moderate” but is in reality very conservative, with a long anti-choice voting record. He voted against the Affordable Care Act. He voted for the Iraq war and voted against a timeline for withdrawal. He’s also flip-flopped on gun safety and on gay rights. Indeed, when Lynch first ran for Congress in 2001, he portrayed himself as “the conservative candidate.”

Those are all good reasons to oppose Lynch, but there’s no shortage of good reasons to support Ed Markey. First and foremost is Markey’s long record on environmental issues, from climate change to natural resource conservation to green jobs.