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Boston Globe – Lynch’s attacks on Markey slightly off target

A week after the Boston Marathon bombings, US Representative Stephen F. Lynch was fired up.

In two separate Democratic Senate primary debates, he repeatedly ­accused US Representative Edward J. Markey of voting against the creation of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the FBI-led interagency group that took command in investigating the ­Marathon bombings

“I don’t know how you’re going to spin this,’’ Lynch said. “I voted yes. You voted no. It’s just, that’s the fact.”

But Lynch was mistaken. He had his terrorism task forces tangled.

Boston’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was created in 1997, an FBI spokeswoman said.  That was four years before Lynch was sworn into office.  And it was not crafted by Congress, said Tom Powers, a former FBI agent who helped create it.

“I don’t recall any congressional mandate or anything from Congress,” said Powers, who was a supervisory special agent in the FBI’s Boston office in 1997. “It was an FBI initiative.”