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Blue Mass Group – Building

With cardboard boxes full of petitions with 52,307 collected signatures, I was honored to stand with volunteers yesterday on the steps of the Massachusetts State House to confirm my place on the ballot for U.S. Senate.

More than 2,800 volunteers from around the state made it possible. They offered their time to talk to their neighbors and to gather signatures.

They signed up to organize events all across the state, from Pittsfield to Springfield to Cambridge to Lowell. And, in less than a month – just 25 days – they assembled a statewide coalition to help me officially add my name to the ballot for the upcoming special election.

It was wonderful to celebrate their efforts and to hand-deliver the product of this hard work directly to the Secretary of State’s office.

But to me, the signatures they gathered are about more than just meeting the deadline. These names symbolize the importance of this race for people all over Massachusetts. They represent the issues that people care about most, from reducing gun violence to protecting women’s rights to fighting climate change, to creating a clean energy revolution that creates new jobs and spurs growth. And these names exemplify how grassroots organizing can defy expectations of what’s possible.

Thanks to the volunteers who put their energy and time into gathering signatures, we cleared a campaign milestone yesterday.

But there is still work to do.