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Belmont Patch – Markey Makes Progressive Pitch to Belmont Dems

In parts of speech, an interjection is a word solely designed to convey emotion.

Think of “Oh no,” or “gosh” at the beginning of a sentence. Some speakers will place the interjection at the end, as a way to seek agreement.

Take US Rep. Ed Markey, for instance, who spoke before a room filled with supporters who came out early on Sunday morning, Feb. 24, to Patou Thai Restaurant in Belmont Center.

Markey – a candidate to fill the unexpired term of former US Senator John Kerry who was approved as US Secretary of State this month – said he said wants to secure the hopes of President Obama to the people as the next Senator from Massachusetts.

“That’s what we are all about with the Democratic Party, huh?” he said before approximately 100 residents on his first of a four-stop day in eastern Massachusetts on a rainy, grey February morning.

For Markey, the “huh” wasn’t a stumble or a break; it was his way of reaffirming what his progressive supporters already knew: that Markey will bring his liberal beliefs with him as a member of the US Senate.

Speaking after introductions from Belmont State Rep. Will Brownsberger and Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian – who kept referring to the 66-year-old who has been in the US House for 37 years as the “kid from Malden” – Markey said he was running for Senate because “something has to happen about the tsunami of gun violence” – deaths by guns were the equivalent of three Sandy Hooks (referring to the 27 deaths at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. in December) every week – and insure the laws are passed because the only technology near a child at school “is a computer and not a gun.”

“I’m running for the senate to take these guns off our streets,” said Markey to the applause of those in attendance.