• Huffington Post: Not So Fast, Net Neutrality…

    Over the last few months, things have been looking good for keeping the Internet open to everyone. A little too good, as far as Congress is concerned, which is why members and the corporate lobbyists who write them hefty checks have launched a last-ditch legislative effort to scuttle net neutrality. Both President Obama and Federal […] More »

  • The Hill: Markey, McCaskill join Booker’s municipal Internet bill

    Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-N.J.) bill meant to push back on state laws that restrict cities from building their own public Internet networks gained two Democratic co-sponsors. Booker on Thursday formally introduced the Community Broadband Act, which forbids states or local governments from creating a “statute, regulation, or other legal requirement” the bars communities from creating […] More »

  • The Hill: Senate Dems balk at draft Internet legislation

    Senate Democrats are balking at a new GOP proposal governing net neutrality. Four Democrats said they “stand willing” to work with Republicans on legislation and acknowledged the party’s pivot on the issue. More »

  • NECN: Martin Luther King Remembered at Annual Boston Breakfast

    Now in its 45th year, Boston’s Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast drew its usual diverse crowd, inspiring vocalists and the state’s top politicians. “Men and women in every city are taking to the streets to demand justice. They’re standing up, lying down, marching, chanting, crying, pleading for justice,” said Mass. Senator Ed Markey. More »

  • Washington Post: Why the CDC still isn’t researching gun violence, despite the ban being lifted two years ago

    Two years ago this week, President Obama ordered the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get back to studying “the causes of gun violence.” The CDC had not touched firearm research since 1996 — when the NRA accused the agency of promoting gun control and Congress threatened to strip the agency’s funding. The […] More »

  • BC Chronicle: Network Puts the Focus on Energy and Environmental Interests

    Now in its fifth year, the Boston College Energy and Environment Alumni Network (BCEEAN) has quickly emerged as one of the largest alumni affinity groups, its growth rooted in the number of BC graduates working in a range of professions tied to the energy and environment sectors. More »

  • The Guardian: Obama outlines new cybersecurity initiatives to protect consumers

    Barack Obama on Monday unveiled a slew of initiatives to improve Americans’ data security. In a speech at the Federal Trade Commission, the president outlined proposals aimed at improving student data protection and protecting Americans’ financial health. They will, however, require approval from the Republican-majority Congress, which has already received three veto threats from the […] More »

  • Boston Herald: Sen. Ed Markey: Honda fines a ‘warning’

    Reforms are “urgently needed” to prevent more auto deaths, U.S. Sen. Edward Markey said yesterday after Honda was hit with a record $70 million in fines for not reporting to regulators 1,729 complaints that its vehicles caused deaths and injuries. “This fine is a warning signal to all auto companies that they should take their […] More »

  • Time: Most Energy Drink Companies Market to Minors, Report Finds

    Senators say energy drink companies should not market to youth under age 18 There’s no denying the energy drink industry is booming, with 60% growth between 2008 to 2012. But a new report from three U.S. senators raises questions about one particular segment of the market that’s growing: minors. More »

  • Malden Observer: Markey sworn-into Senate

    Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) was sworn in to the 114th Congress by Vice President Joe Biden on Jan. 6. Senator Markey was joined by his wife, Dr. Susan Blumenthal, who held the Aitken’s Bible Endorsed by Congress for the oath of office. Senator Markey was elected for his first full-term to the United States […] More »