What does Social Security mean to you?

When my grandmother passed away, all the responsibility of caring for her family fell to my mother. And that added responsibility meant she had to give up on her dream of going to college.

There was no social safety net when my grandmother passed away. Because of that, and because of the sacrifices she made on behalf of her family, my mother never had the chance to fully pursue her dreams.

For millions of Americans today, that’s not the case — Social Security exists, and it provides a bedrock of economic security for retirees, people with disabilities, and their families. Unfortunately, all that could change if the Republicans get their way.

Social Security isn’t an “entitlement.” It’s an earned benefit that helps provide needed funds during retirement, and it needs to be protected. I want to hear your stories about Social Security — tell me what this vital program means to you, and help me stand up for Social Security.

In one of the first acts of this session of Congress, House Republicans adopted a rule that manufactured a crisis in Social Security. Their hope is to use a manmade catastrophe in the Social Security Disability program as a Trojan horse for their attacks on Social Security as a whole.

We’re not going to let them win. Social Security has served our nation in good stead for nearly 80 years. It works, and it will continue to work so long as Republicans don’t break this sacred promise.

I want to tell my Republican colleagues exactly what an end to Social Security would mean to the American people. Help me by sharing your stories — click this link, and tell me how Social Security helps your family.

Thank you for your activism.