Tell Congress: Extend unemployment insurance now

America is just beginning to recover from one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression.

Here in Massachusetts, our economy has improved since the recession hit – but there are thousands across the state still feeling the impact of the economic collapse who are out of work and looking for a job. For them, unemployment insurance is a lifeline that helps them pay rent, buy groceries and make ends meet while they’re looking for work.

But extreme Republicans in Congress have cut that lifeline by refusing to extend federal unemployment insurance in 2014 — a move that affects 1.3 million jobless Americans across this country.

That’s why I’m working with my Democratic colleagues to urge Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits immediately. Add your voice to mine and sign the petition today.

Extending unemployment insurance is not only the right thing to do to help folks struggling to make ends meet while looking for work, it’s also good economic policy.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that extending long-term unemployment insurance benefits for a full year will boost economic growth and create 200,000 jobs.

It’s time to stop letting extreme Republicans and Tea Party radicals dictate what goes on in Congress. Add your voice to mine and let Congress know that you want unemployment insurance benefits restored immediately.

Thank you for standing up for the millions of Americans who are fighting to get back into the workforce, and for what’s best for our economy.