Petition: The Real WMDs

Every time we hear the term “weapons of mass destruction,” we associate it with weapons that originate from outside our borders. But let me tell you — guns on our streets are the real weapons of mass destruction.

Gun violence is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans every year. Thirty people a day died from gun violence in 2013. Recent media stories have thrown light on the very real gun trafficking problem we’re having down the I-91 corridor in western Massachusetts.

Yet the NRA would have us believe that we don’t need stricter gun safety laws.

Gun violence is ripping apart our communities one family at a time, and we cannot continue to accept this constant violence.

Thousands of people have already signed our petition demanding stronger gun safety laws — add your name to theirs.

This is a fight I’ve been waging since I was first elected to office. I’ve fought and beaten the NRA before, and with your help, I can do it again.

The one thing we cannot do is consign ourselves to the false comfort of resignation or apathy. Because of the NRA’s refusal to face reality, we are going to lose tens of thousands of our neighbors to gun violence this year and every year after that. We’re the only ones who can stop them.

Recently, I introduced a bill that would require guns to use smart technology that would make it impossible for anyone to use the gun except its rightful owner. This is the kind of common sense gun safety law that the vast majority of gun owners support. And while the NRA might try to derail this bill, that’s not going to stop me from fighting.

Gun violence is not preordained, it is preventable. And it’s up to us to make the changes that need to be made.