Petition: This Earth Day, take action on climate change

Today is the 44th annual Earth Day — a day when we take time to acknowledge all the work we’ve done to leave the planet in a better condition than we inherited it, and remember how much work we have to do.

Our planet has a fever. A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms that climate change is happening, that man-made factors are now the primary driver of it, and that if we don’t take action soon, our window to reverse the effects of climate change will slam shut.

We need to:

  • Increase the production of clean energy technologies to end our dependence on dirty energy like coal and foreign oil.
  • Fix our energy infrastructure, like patching leaky natural gas pipelines, to reduce our impact on carbon emissions while protecting consumers and creating jobs.
  • Hold ourselves to a higher standard of renewable energy use and lead the rest of the world by example.

In honor of the 44th Earth Day, we’re gathering 44,000 signatures from people like you — people committed to combatting climate change and breaking the planet’s fever. Click here to add your name.

There is no emergency room for sick planets. We have to be the doctors that diagnose the diseases that come from carbon emissions and take steps to fix them. We have to be the nurses that tend to the Earth’s ailments.

The very first bill I introduced in the Senate would create hundreds of thousands of jobs and quadruple America’s clean electricity production, while saving consumers billions of dollars through energy efficiency.

This is an issue I have worked on throughout my service to the families of Massachusetts. I authored the first comprehensive climate change bill in history to pass either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Record droughts, rampant wildfires, melting polar ice, and extreme storms are the symptoms of a larger problem. And if we let them go untreated, the future of our planet is at risk.

With big oil billionaires like the Koch brothers funding so-called “climate change skepticism” to benefit their special interest friends, we’re up against some powerful forces. That’s why we need each and every one of you to make your voices heard. This Earth Day, commit yourself to taking action on climate change. Sign the petition today.

Thanks for your support, and happy Earth Day.