Petition: Defend Net Neutrality

When I was working on the Telecommunications Act of 1996, my colleagues and I made sure to put rules in place that would lay the foundation for new tech companies to develop on a level playing field. We aimed to create an environment that would encourage competition and innovation.

Today, companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Hulu all thrive because the free and open nature of the Internet allows anyone with a good idea and the willingness to work hard the chance to succeed. I knew we needed to defend that free, open, and fair Internet, which is why I filed one of Congress’ first net neutrality bills in 2006. In order to preserve the Internet as a place where a kid with the next big idea can become the next Steve Jobs, we must continue to protect net neutrality.

Unfortunately, proposed FCC rules are threatening to destroy net neutrality. I’m fighting back — and you can help.

If you believe that net neutrality should be protected, please add your name to my petition.

Right now, net neutrality is one of the rules of the road on the Internet. But if we allow “fast lanes” and toll booths on the information superhighway, we will inevitably see bumper-to-bumper traffic, with those who can’t afford to pay being left behind.

Because of net neutrality, innovative companies have been able to create good jobs and provide services we once couldn’t even imagine. We need to preserve net neutrality, so that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs have the same opportunities as today’s.

The FCC can enshrine net neutrality right now, and I’m fighting to make them do just that. But I could use your help.

Add your name to my net neutrality petition.

Thanks for supporting this issue, and for standing with me in this fight.