Tell the Tea Party: Stop the obstruction

Last week, Senate Democrats took action to end the relentless, unprecedented obstruction of Tea Party bullies in the Senate.

In a majority vote, we changed the rules to put an end to filibusters of executive and judicial nominees — alleviating some of the massive gridlock and allowing President Obama to get the team he needs to run the country.

And now, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and the same Tea Party members that shut down the government last month are threatening to grind Washington to a halt.

Democrats are doing everything we can to stop the obstruction and get the Senate back to work. Republicans are doing just the opposite. Sign the petition to tell Ted Cruz and Senate Republicans: Stop the obstruction.

The Senate’s role in confirming executive and judicial nominees is to advise and consent — not to obstruct and delay. Senate Republicans had no stated objections to the qualifications of most of the president’s nominees — rather, their objection was to the Senate functioning at all.

Ending that obstruction is a huge victory for this country — a step forward in reforming the filibuster and getting the Senate working for families in Massachusetts and across the country. It’s time the Tea Party faction accepted that.

If we’re going to keep moving forward, we all need to work together. Show Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and their right-wing friends where you stand. Tell them to stop obstructing progress and get the Senate moving.

Thank you for your help on this.