Petition: Tell Congress to focus on manufacturing jobs

In 2011, our manufacturing sector brought more than $43 billion into our state economy and employed nearly 8 percent of of the workforce. Manufacturing jobs, when compared to other non-farm jobs, paid more than $35,000 more per year.

High-tech manufacturing — companies making computer and electronic products in Boston, Cambridge, and all along RT 128 — is not just the largest sector in our state’s manufacturing. It’s the one that brings the jobs of the future directly to the Commonwealth.

After years of decline, American manufacturing is ready for a renaissance — all we need is for Washington gridlock to loosen up enough for us to make creating manufacturing jobs a priority.

To help build momentum, I’m teaming up with sixteen other Senators to call on Congress to stop manufacturing crises, and start focusing on manufacturing jobs. Help us out by adding your name today.

Massachusetts is truly a center for the high-tech jobs of the future. Right now, we have the opportunity to take the lead in the industries that will shape our economy for the next generation. And if we don’t take it — you can rest assured that other countries will.

Congress has spent too long focusing on the wrong issues. It’s time we started taking action to keep our economic recovery expanding. Supporting manufacturing should be a big part of that effort.

We’re counting on you. Add your name today.

Thank you,