The next Citizens United?

As if Citizens United hasn’t done enough damage to our campaign finance system, now the Supreme Court is considering a case that could allow individual donors to pour even more money into federal elections.

The case is called McCutcheon vs. the FEC, and it has a lot of experts worried that we’re witnessing the end of campaign finance reform as we know it.

In the aftermath of the campaign finance abuses uncovered during the Watergate scandal, Congress put limits on how much money any one person could contribute to candidates or political parties. The McCutcheon vs. the FEC case could overturn those limits. That would let millionaires and billionaires like the the Koch brothers to give directly to as many campaigns as they wanted with no aggregate limits whatsoever — that’s exactly what this new case could decide.

Make sure the Supreme Court knows that you don’t want any more money destroying our federal election process. Sign the petition today.

Elections are supposed to be an expression of the will of the people, not a contest to see who has the biggest bank account. We’re headed down a dangerous path to a no-limits, no holds-barred campaign finance system.

Citizens United gave special interest groups and corporations the green light to spend unlimited amounts of cash on influencing elections with very little disclosure or transparency. McCutcheon would make it even more difficult for the middle class to have their voices heard.

We cannot allow common sense safeguards that protect our middle class from the toxic influence of money on our election process be destroyed.

Show the Supreme Court where you stand. Help build a grassroots movement to protect our political process from drowning out the voices of the middle class.

Thanks for standing with me to stem the tide of spending in our elections