A national Renewable Electricity Standard

Did you know that nearly half of all electrical capacity installed worldwide last year relies on renewable forms of energy?

Clean energy innovation is the future. And the companies developing renewable energy technologies, like wind turbines and solar panels, are the new engines powering our global economy.

But right now, America is lagging behind when it comes to producing the clean energy jobs that we need to be a leader in an increasingly green economy. That’s why I’m calling on Congress to enact a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) to require our country to produce 25% of our electricity from renewable resources by 2025.

Add your voice to mine — tell Congress it’s time for a national Renewable Electricity Standard that will help produce jobs and protect our environment. Sign the petition today.

Right now, 30 states have renewable electricity standards that require a percentage of their electricity to come from clean sources.

But if America is going to take real, meaningful steps to curb the disastrous effects that climate change is already having on our environment, our way of life, and our economy, we need a national standard.

Sign my petition and let Congress know that you want a Renewable Electricity Standard.

Thank you.