Moving America forward

I came to the U.S. Senate to make positive change happen for the families of Massachusetts. Not be held hostage by Tea Party Republican temper tantrums.

The 16 days of this shutdown have cost our economy an estimated $24 billion dollars. It brought us to the very brink of default. It created doubt about our nation among our partners abroad.

And for what? An extreme faction of the Republican Party dug in their heels, held our economy hostage, to try and take away health insurance benefits from millions of Americans.

It’s time that the Tea Party Republican factions in Congress accept the fact that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. It is time for us to move on and rise to meet the challenges facing our country.

We need to engage in a sensible, bipartisan process to reduce our debt, balance spending cuts with new revenue, and accomplish the goals we were all sent to Washington to achieve: grow our economy, create jobs, and protect the middle class.

There’s a lot of work to be done — it’s past time we got to it.