Keep Standing Up

It’s been nearly three months since our country began dealing with the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Six and seven year olds who dreamed of being football quarterbacks, doctors and dancers died because an assault weapon ended up in the wrong hands.

But unfortunately, the Newtown tragedy doesn’t tell the whole nightmare.  In America, 56 children die a week from gun violence.  That’s nearly three Newtowns every single week.

Massachusetts voters know we need action on gun violence in this country.

If elected, I’ll go to the Senate ready to pass stronger gun laws.

I believe that starts with a ban on assault weapons. Assault weapons are for combat, not our communities. I want these guns off our streets.

We need to stop the flow of high magazine clips, like the ones used in Aurora and Newtown.

We need background checks on all gun sales, including private sales and purchases made at gun shows.

We need to lift the ban on gun violence data.  Right now, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms isn’t able to share data with local law enforcement on who buys a gun, where and when they bought it.  That’s information that could help solve crimes.  And, when individuals buy guns, their background check record is destroyed within 24 hours. That doesn’t make sense.  A search on Google lasts longer than the records we keep on weapons.  That needs to change.

Those are the policies I’ll push for in the Senate.  And to do it, I’ll stand up to special interest groups like the National Rifle Association.

We’ve passed common-sense gun laws before. In 1994, I worked with President Clinton to stop millions of military-style, semi-automatic weapons that were coming from China into our cities and neighborhoods. Moving forward, with strong leadership in the Senate, we can pass common-sense gun laws again.

In this campaign, I’m focused on the issues that matter to Massachusetts. And I want people to know exactly where I stand. That’s why I’ve released this television ad. And that’s why this past weekend, our campaign knocked on 15,000 doors throughout the Commonwealth to spread the message.

If you believe, like I do, that we need to take bold action on gun legislation, I hope you’ll join me in this campaign and cause to prevent gun violence in this country.

-Originally posted on BlueMass Group