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Ed Markey Statement on Tom Steyer


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Charlestown, Massachusetts – Rep. Ed Markey released the following statement today denouncing Tom Steyer’s involvement in the Massachusetts Senate special election:

“As I stated when I first learned about Tom Steyer’s demands on Monday, these kinds of tactics have no place in our political discourse and should be repudiated. Mr. Steyer should immediately withdraw his threats and ultimatum, and stay out of this Senate race. This campaign should be about the people of this state, and I remain committed to giving Massachusetts voters a debate about the issues they care about most.”


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Rep. Ed Markey’s campaign quickly distanced itself Monday from a California billionaire’s threat to get involved in the Massachusetts Senate race if Markey’s opponent doesn’t renounce the Keystone XL oil pipeline.                    

Both Markey and his opponent in the Democratic primary, Rep. Stephen Lynch, have signed a pledge to limit outside spending in the race. And while billionaire Tom Steyer’s threat does not seem to violate the specifics of the pledge, Markey’s campaign appears not to be taking any chances.

A Markey campaign aide told POLITICO that the campaign does not support any threatening actions against Lynch that violate the spirit of the so-called People’s Pledge. The pledge, similar to one signed last year by Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, requires that the candidates donate 50 percent of outside spending on television ads, radio ads and mailers that benefit the candidates to charity.

The aide stressed that the campaign does not coordinate with outside groups. 

“Ed Markey categorically rejects any third-party expenditure against Stephen Lynch that would violate the People’s Pledge they both have signed, and urges groups and individuals on both sides to respect the pledge to keep outside advertisements off Massachusetts airwaves,” Markey campaign manager Sarah Benzing said in a statement. “Unlike the Republicans in this race who have flatly refused to follow the lead of Scott Brown in condemning the influence of outside money in our politics today, Ed Markey remains committed to cleaning up our elections by repealing the court’s misguided Citizens Unitedruling.”

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