Boston Herald: Edward J. Markey: Secure our ports

The U.S. must cut through the red tape and protect its ports from the threat of nuclear bombs hidden inside incoming international cargo ships, U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey warned last night. More »

Boston Globe: E-cigarettes: Smoke-free may not mean danger-free

You might not get lung cancer from e-cigarettes — but that alone doesn’t make them safe, and doesn’t mean that federal regulators can turn a blind eye to growing evidence of the other dangers the liquid-nicotine delivery devices can cause. More »

MassLive: Sen. Ed Markey introduces companion bill to Congressman Richard Neal’s House bill to reinstate the Build America Bonds program

This week. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., introduced a bill to reinstate a popular government investment program intended to put people to work while upgrading the nation’s aging and crumbling infrastructure. More »

Politico: Climate panel: Time to act is now

A United Nations science panel issued its most dire warnings yet Monday on the dangers of climate change. More »